How to set up a new regional branch

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New Region branch set up:


  1. Get a group of interested art teachers together. You will need volunteers for chairperson and secretary.

  2. Set up email accounts, eg.

         (contact if email address unavailable)

  1. You are entitled to a sum of money for each member in your region, and start up funds if necessary. (Lists of members & their contact emails can be gotten from the ATAI Web Administrator or Membership Secretary).

  2. A good idea is to send an introductory letter to all schools in your region informing them of your establishment and the ATAI aims. You can begin by holding a meeting or social event (see below) to meet people and get to know other teachers and their wishes for professional development*.

  3. Get in touch with your local education centre, they will provide a space for meetings and workshops.

  4. Art galleries and colleges in your area are an invaluable resource and making contact may give you free premises and access to tutors and lecturers.

  5. If you’re unsure of where to start with workshops, send out a questionnaire or survey via email to generate interest and ideas.

  6. When holding workshops attendees must be members unless TPN funding has been granted. You can charge to hold workshops, to cover cost of materials, tutors, etc.

  7. You can apply for TPN (teachers Professional Networking) funding to hold workshops, application form is included; see National Committee TPN representative for more details. 

  8. One member of each regional branch is expected to attend National Meetings and are eligible to claim travel expenses.

  9. Funding may be used to facilitate social networking evenings, workshops, mailshots, and equipment that may be required.Region chair is required to account for all receipts and reports of events funded by TPN.These must be returned within the required deadline or funding will not be made available. Contact the National Committee TPN representative for full details, as these are subject to change.

  10. To generate interest it is helpful to have a region facebook page, send photos of events to the website committee, etc.

  11. You may hold as many meetings as you like. Most regions have one every 2 months or 4 times a year. The secretary must keep minutes of items discussed at these meetings and share via Google Drive with the National Secretary and National President.



  1. Use ATAI newsletter, national Facebook, Twitter & website.

  2. Get in touch with local education centres.



Ideas for social events:


  • Gallery tour followed by finger food.

  • Artist talk followed by meal.

  • Film in gallery or local tour of sites of interest.

  • Tour of artist studios.

  • Trips to important art exhibitions.

  • Teachmeets

  • Workshops (those intending to use TPN funding must be forwarded to National Treasurer by December 1st).




All TPN funded workshops being proposed for the coming year need to be forwarded to the treasurer by the 1st December to ensure funding.


TPN rate of pay for a facilitator is as follows:

  • €46.98 for one hour stand-alone lecturing contact period

  • €40.63 for each hour where a lecturing contact period of more than one hour is in question in a day, subject to maxima of €203.16 per day and €812.63 per week


Below are the guidelines for organising events to avail of TPN funding.


  • Before the Event:

    • Event organisers propose an event with an estimated budget to the ATAI treasurer using the form provided

    • Event is approved by the ATAI treasurer and the form is returned.

    • Forward details of event to ATAI PR to be advertised on Facebook, Twitter, ATAI website and sent via Mailchimp to members.

    • Event advertised through local education centre and if appropriate emailed to local schools.

  • During event

    • Signatures of attendees are collected

    • Minimum of 10 ten attendees

    • A minimum of 5 photographs for documentation purposes are taken.

    • TPN evaluation form to be completed by each attendee (TPN Appendix form 5)

  • After event

    • Signatures, photographs and all invoices (venue, facilitators etc as appropriate) are all collated

    • NB - make sure all invoices include bank account details for speed of reimbursement

    • The application form is then completed with the final costs and emailed to the ATAI treasurer within three weeks of the event taking place (Local Activity Report)

    • Form, signatures, photographs and invoices are submitted to the ATAI Treasurer

    • NB if you are posting and not emailing this information, be sure to send an email to to let them know.















Regional Structure of the ATAI

A Regional branch of the ATAI can be made up of County or Counties that are affiliated to the National Organisation

A Regional Branch should consist of: A Chairperson, A Secretary.


Function of the Chairperson:


  1. To liaise with the National President and Executive by providing Regional reports at all national meetings and contact details for all Branch Officers (see Branch Officers Form.)

  2. To encourage membership in the region and attendance at National Meetings.

  3. To ensure that meetings are held  throughout the year and that an AGM is held usually before the National AGM to elect the New Regional Branch Committee.

  4. Also to see that new members are proposed and seconded at the Branch meetings.

  5. To Help set the Agenda for meetings with the Secretary

  6. To Chair meetings.

  7. To communicate all activities to the National Committee, so they can be shared across the Association.


Function of the Secretary;


  1. To help set the Agenda for meetings with the Chairperson

  2. To send out written or e-mailed notification of meetings at least one week in advance of the meeting.

  3. Make sure all members are aware of the Rules and Constitution.

  4. The Secretary records the minutes of each meeting and supplies the members with a copy for approval at the next meeting.

  5. The Secretary forwards minutes to the National Secretary & National President via Google Drive. A one page document providing the names of the attendees, a very brief description of the event and bullet points of topics of discussion/decisions made should be kept for the records

  6. Sends any correspondence as required by the Chairperson.

  7. May be required to book venues for meetings.











Branch Officers Form
(to be completed & saved via Google Docs)


Name Of Branch ______________________________


Region ______________________________



Name of Chairperson ______________________________


Contact Address ______________________________






Mobile or phone number ______________________________


Email address ______________________________



Name of Secretary ______________________________


Contact address: ______________________________






Mobile or phone number ______________________________


Email address ______________________________